Blank Gaming Mats

Blank Gaming Mats
Blank Custom Gaming Playmat
These beautiful game mats are designed of top quality material; they are constructed with a bright green polyester cloth surface, and dense black open cell sponge rubber base with a non skid bottom that grips the surface with a soft, smooth surface to help with the longevity of gaming sleeves and cards.
  • Each game mat measures approximately 23.5” X 13.5″. The 1/16″ thin mats are lighter and thinner to allow for a greater flexibility for transportation and storage. These game mats have become a standard throughout the industry.
  • The blank white mats are ideal for making custom team mats, custom artwork, as well as using them for artists signings and many other creative purposes.
  • We offer printing services for individual orders for further information on pricing on printing services please email us.
  • These mats are similar in size and material as the popular Yu-gi-oh, Naruto, WOW, Magic the Gathering, VS System and other CCG’s mats.